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Restoration and major renovations 1989-2022


See two reports to the right. 



•  Washing of the street facade

•  Repainting a number of different rooms in the basement

•  Re-routing of electrical cables on the street facade and around the restaurant's outdoor seating

•  New surface coating on the floor in the stairs and bicycle room in the basement

•  Extensive renovation of the limestone floor in the entrance hall and in the stairs to floor 1


•  Repainting of all exterior carpentry and balcony planters/railings for both street- and yard facade

•  New surface coating on the floor in the basement corridor


•  Installation of two washing machines, a tumble dryer and electronic laundry booking system

•  Installation of seating furniture in the entrance hall

•  Installation of deoxygenator (deaerator) in the radiator system

•  Renovation of shelter in the basement


•  Renovation of the passenger lift tower on the roof


•  Renovation of the tiling outside the entrance


•  Restoration of the entire stairwell (walls, roof, floor, lighting)

•  Installation of optical fiber for broadband and TV in all apartments


•  Replacement of grease separator for the restaurant


•  Renovation of the tiling outside the entrance

•  Painting of all surface layers in basement corridor and cycle room 2011-2012


•  Repainting of all exterior carpentry and balcony boxes/railings for street side

•  Renovation of all food elevators (door locks, stop plane adjustment, geiders, etc.)


•  Repainting of all exterior carpentry and balcony boxes/railings for yard side 2009-2010

•  Renovation after extensive water damage in five apartments and the basement (insurance regulated)

•  Renovation of flat 44 after prolonged water damage

•  Replacement of control and regulation devices in the daycare's ventilation system


•  Complete renovation of flat 48 after fire damage (insurance regulated)

•  Installation of new district heating system

•  Extensive remodeling of the restaurant's interior (paid for by Petite France AB)


•  Reconstruction of the restaurant floor after water damage (insurance regulated)

•  Painting of carpentry around windows/balcony doors in batches 1996-2006


•  Extensive remodeling of the exterior roof

•  Installation of two new washing machines with high speed spin


•  Installation of new eight-bag garbage bag changer


•  Installation of force breaking locking contacts in all food elevator hatches

•  Installation of electric condensation dryer in the laundry room

•  Rebuilding of the lift machinery of the passenger lift with a new control system and electric stop plane adjustment


•  Repair of damage to facade + ground adjacent to restaurant entrance after removal of canopy outside

the restaurant


•  Reconstruction of the restaurant (paid for by G.E.M. AB)


• Reconstruction of the restaurant's kitchen (including repair of water damage during large,

built-in cast iron stove)


•  Reconstruction of the terrass on level 06 facing the street after several water damages on the facade under the terrass


A comprehensive restoration project was carried out in 1990-1991 after many years of lack of property maintenance and management. Comprehensive facades to the street and courtyard, all balconies/terrasses, bathrooms, all water pipes, the entire basement, etc. The project is described in a detailed report from 1992:  pdf


• Total rebuilding of the daycare including basement installations

• Installation of cable network for broadband and TV in all apartments (Star network)


Restoration entire house 1990-91

Reports restaurantion

Restoration entrance hall, stairwell 

and hallways 2014-2023

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