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The tenant's association sued the state in 1993

Two years after the housing association's comprehensive restoration project ended in 1991 the Swedish Parliament changed the conditions for the entire financing by increasing the so-called "guaranteed interest" on mortgages, which led to a sharp increase in costs. The Parliament's decision meant that several hundred condominium associations and several thousand private property owners went bankrupt.

The association therefore sued the state in the Market Court (win 5-0) and subsequently civil law in District Court and Court of Appeal (loss in both) and also requested review in Supreme Court, which was denied.


For documentation about this 6-year legal process, refer to the following



Gunnar Akner

Staten har vilselett oss     

Finanstidningen 940901     pdf


Boförening vann mot staten

Dagens Industri 941011     pdf

Borättsförening fick rätt. Statens förbjuds använda uttrycket 'garanterad ränta'

Svenska Dagbladet 941011     pdf


Astrid Reichwald

Borätt vann över staten. Fem frågor till Gunnar Akner

Dagens Nyheter 941012     pdf

Gunnar Akner, Åsa Edeland, Mats Forsell, Gunnar Haglund

Bostadsrättsföreningarna har fått rätt mot staten

Finanstidningen 941027     pdf


Gunnar Akner

Bostadsrättsakuten föds ur statens eget avtalsbrott

Finanstidningen 941216     pdf

Gunnar Akner

Får staten bryta ingångna avtal?

Svenska Dagbladet, Brännpunkt 990419     pdf

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