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Formalies about the tenant's association

The association was formed in 1934, the year before Markeliushuset was completed.

Name: Bostadsrätsföreningen Fågelbärsträdet  (NOTE: No number after the name of the association).

The association was registered in 340816 and has been a "genuine" condominium association since its inception.

The building was inaugurated in September 1935 and was then Sweden's first complete collective housing.

The architect was Sven Markelius.


Organization number: 702000-6826


Financial plan: The association's current financial plan was registered 901026 with The County Administrative Board in Stockholm, click here.


Statutes: The association's original statutes are from 1935 and a slightly modified version was registered with the County Administrative Board in Stockholm 901026, click here.


Members: The association had in December 2022 = 54 members.

Originally, each apartment had a black "Bostadsrättbevis" with details of the owner, transfers and statutes, see photo and pdf. For many years, all transfers for each apartment were noted in these proofs. They stopped being used in the association during the 1980s and since then only the transfer agreements are used.

Board: The association's board consists of five regular members and two deputies.


The association's bank giro account: 5744-0208


The association's plusgiro account: 77 70 79 - 5



Formalities about the house and the property


The house is alternately referred to as "Markeliushuset" and "Kollektivhuset".

Property designation: Fågelbärstreet 13

Property: The association owns

•  a residential building with 46 apartments and 2 premises.

•  the street ground up to the sidewalk.


The association rents the daycare's playground at Fågelbärsgården from the City of Stockholm.


Historical building monument: The house was declared a building heritage in 1992. The agreement with the County Administrative Board explicitly states:

"The building must be maintained so that it does not fall into disrepair. The care and maintenance work must be carried out in such a way that the cultural-historical value does not decrease".

This means a lasting commitment from the association implying higher costs for planning, construction work and inspections compared to residential buildings that are not declared a building monument. ​

Assessment value in 2022: SEK 102,177,000 (increase by 15% compared to property assessment in 2019)

•  Building = SEK 35,800,000

•  Land = SEK 66,377,000


Insurance: The property is insured for full value in Folksam, as well as a "for all future fire insurance" signed in If.


Housing: The association originally had 57 separate apartments. Due to the fact that the board has long been deliberately involved in merging adjacent small apartments, there have been 46 separate apartments since the 1990s. The area of the apartments varies between 18 and 85 square meters.

The total living space is 1,995 square meters. To this must be added public spaces in the entrance hall, stairwell and basement.


Premises: There are two premises on the ground floor:

•  Restaurant of 286 sqm (ground floor and basement) and outdoor seating 80 sqm.

•  Day home of 129 sq m


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